Real Time Energy management for your Home or Office

I am glad to say that we are now back on line and working again and we can see data coming in. I apologise again for the loss of service over the last 10 days. Our ISP was the victim of  a major cyber attack which has required a huge amount of effort to work around. The widgets and forum are still offline but we expect them back tomorrow. 

Our hosted energy management system lets you view a range of charts showing real time and historic information on how you use your energy, how much it costs and how you are managing against your own targets and your bills. With detailed analysis of your data and the ability to customise your own settings, you now have an invaluable tool to help you save energy and money.

Demonstration dashboard:
Home Energy
Users can interact with their own data using the powerful Meniscus RESTful API - click here for more details

STEP 1 - Set up an account 

1 free account for every email address.

2. Click to open the Dashboard and set up your account

3. We will mail you an 8 digit unique code and login instructions

STEP 2 - Connect your Envi unit to the web

Either connect using the Meniscus Bridge click for more information

1. Purchase a Meniscus Bridge

2. Connect the Envi to the Bridge and the Bridge to your router

Or connect using your PC

1 Connect the Current Cost meter to your PC using the Current Cost Data Cable

2. Upload data using either our Windows or Linux application. Click here to download the software. 

Click here for a help guide to setting up the Windows version.

STEP 3 - Access the dashboard

1. Login to the dashboard using your e-mail address and password.

2. Customise your settings from inside the dashboard: 

  • Add your own multi rate cost of electricity, add targets, change the benchmark
  • Set up alerts that will e-mail you if your daily energy use exceeds a set value
  • Rename the meters to something that you recognise
  • Add your billing information and compare your monitored electricity use to your billed use
  • Change your password

3. From the Set up Account page you can also: 
  • Request regular monthly reports of cost and consumption
  • Get the config code for your account

For information on our open source software then click on our Software link.

To see what information we deliver on the Dashboard click here.
Compatible with the Current Cost Classic, ENVI and EnviR product range.

This service uses the Meniscus web based calculation engine to process the data. For more information please visit our main web site.

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