Add History functionality to your Home Energy Site
NB If your account was created after 28th March 2013 this feature is already enabled.

This page allows you to import the historical data from the Current Cost.  So if you turn your computer off then when you start it again we will be able to fill in the missing section from the historical data. The Current Cost stores these values for the last 31 days - but it is only stored for the total electricity for sensor 0 i.e. the sum of channels 1,2 and 3.

Because we use the real time 6 second data for each channel in all our calculations, to make the data set complete we split the total historic data into the 3 channels based on the previous ratio of use. I.e. if 100% of your electricity is monitored in channel 1 then 100% of the history is apportioned to channel 1, if 75% is used in channel 1 and 25% in channel 2 then the history is apportioned accordingly. This means that all the existing graphs will work correctly.

The Current Cost sends out the historic data about every 4 hours so if you want to use this facility then it is important that you leave the Current Cost connected to the internet for at least this amount of time every once in a while so that data can be sent to our servers. We have no control over when this data is uploaded.

The Current Cost does store a daily kWh and a weekly kWh value and other historic values as well. We do not plan to import this data into the database. We will also not be backdating the history to a time before you signed up to our service.

IPMS will also intelligently keep the 6 second real time, if this exists, in preference to the historical data.

Important. The History functionality only works with our Windows CC Upload software - not with the Linux version

To enable this feature then please enter your e-mail address and password and the click the Submit button.

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