Data streaming to custom designed dashboards
With the development of our new Web Services, Meniscus is changing the way that cost and performance information is delivered to our customers.
Instead of relying on customers accessing the web site to view performance and process risk dashboards Meniscus can now push data directly to dashboards custom designed for each client. These dashboards are designed using the very latest in Microsoft web technologies – indeed you can think of them as an application running inside as web browser. This gives them the best of both worlds. Easy to access – just from a web browser but much much more sophisticated than a conventional web page.
These dashboards are developed to run in corporate environments where large numbers of people can see them.
So...if you want to communicate your latest energy/carbon business metrics to improve energy performance and reduce your carbon footprint then this is the tool for you! The dashboard is smoothly refreshed, with no screen flicker, as new data is made available. So if you want your business colleagues to know the very latest energy performance across the whole business – or any other performance information then call on +44 (0)1480 433714 or send a mail from our contact page.
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