Dynamic Dashboards
Our Dynamic Dashboards offer users a very powerful way to display information in a very professional and ...dynamic way.
To use the Dashboards then you need to Set Up an Account.
What information can we display in the Dashboard
  • This is the data that we can display in the Dashboard.

    Range of graphs
    • Real Time display for all your data feeds. Updated every 2 minutes and shows 6 second data. Shows last hour or last day's data
    • Pie chart of consumption for each channel
    • Meter Comparison graph. Compare data from different data feeds and calculations
    • Time Comparison graph. Compare performance of a data feed or calculation over different time ranges
    • Season Average graph. Shows today's half hour electricity use compared to your own average for the same day type (weekday, Saturday or Sunday) and the same Season (Summer, Winter etc).
    • Actual cost compared to target and shows total savings
    • Actual electricity costs using complex multi rate costs of electricity
    • Set up pages. Set up multi rate electricity costs, targets, benchmarks, e-mail alerts
    • Site summary. Summarises your electricity use in one table

    Calculated values for:

    • Total half hour electricity use (sum of the three channels)
    • Total daily electricity use (sum of the three channels)
    • Total carbon use
    • Electricity cost for each channel and Total - using a daily average unit cost
    • Target use based initially on historic comparison - but looking to use external temperature and sunset data as well
    • Baseline consumption
    • Seasonal and Day Type average use - i.e. Average Winter Weekday use 
    • Ratio of baseline use to actual use
    • Potential annual savings with 10% reduction in baseline consumption

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