Energy and Utility Management Dashboard
Our Dynamic Energy and Utility Management Dashboards allow users to select from 1 to 4 different graphs to display in a browser based dashboard. Each graph can be updated individually providing users with the ability to view a broad range of data. 
Dynamic Dashboards can be customised to completely fit your needs, and, most importantly by using our IPMS Calculation Engine you can incorporate ANY data and information that you want into them. Our calculations are not set up in the dashboards, they are set up in the IPMS database so that you can change them as and when you wish offering you complete flexibility over the information that you include in the Dashboard.
This example Energy and Utility Management Dashboard includes the following graphs:
Savings: Shows Actual Cost and Target Cost on one axis and the Savings achieved on a second axis. User can select which units they wish to display information for.
Consumption: User can display two trends of the available utility meters on the same graph. User can also select from a variety of date ranges.
Pie Chart: Displays a pie chart of the utility consumption broken down into the individual meters. User can select which units they wish to display information for.
Benchmarks: Displays the Actual and Target values for the selected Benchmark. User can select from one of 8 benchmarks and a variety of date ranges.
Based on Microsoft's Silverlight technology, these Dashboards offer excellent graphics capability and using the Web Services capabilities of our IPMS software we can stream data directly to these Dashboards - updating them automatically.
Whilst we will be updating the features of this demonstration in the very near future, this demonstration shows the enormous flexibility that we offer customers in our ability to stream data to sophisticated web based dashboards.
Load the Example by clicking here
If you do not have Silverlight installed then click here to see a video
Important. This demonstration requires that Microsoft Silverlight is installed on your PC - small download at 4.7 Mb. To download then click here.
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