Calculation of Season Average and Baseline Consumption

To help deliver additional analysis of your real time electricity data we have introduced two new techniques that we believe will be of great assistance in managing your electricity use. All of this information is presented on a new graph in our Dynamic Real Time Dashboards called Seasonal Averages. This is currently only available in the Demo dashboards but we will be updating this to everyone in the next few days/weeks.

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Season Average consumption vs actual use

This graph shows how your current half hour aggregated electricity use compares with an average of all days in the same season and all days having the same day type. This provides you with a much better understanding of whether you are using more or less electricity than normal.

In terms of seasons then we have used 5 season periods in total. These being Spring, Summer, High Summer, Autumn and Winter. For the day type we are using 3, namely WeekDays, Saturday and Sundays. Both the season and day type have been chosen since we know that, consumption on a Spring Saturday is very different to a Winter weekday.

So, if 'today' is a Winter weekday then the bar graph on the Summary tab on the dashboard will show the consumption for each half hour for the whole day of the average of all Winter weekdays - this is the expected consumption profile. Next to each bar is the actual consumption for today. This automatically updates every half hour.

Baseline consumption

The Baseline consumption calculates the minimum 3 hour moving average over the last day. It represents the minimum energy use and will be the amount of electricity used 24 hours per day. Making reductions in this baseline power use, whilst small in the amount saved at any particular time, will add up to a much large sum since this power is being used 24/7 365 days a year.

You can see a trend of the Baseline power in the Daily Use chart.
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