Importing Historical data from the Current Cost Envi

Users can now opt to import historical data from the Envi unit as well as the real time data.

This means that even if you turn your PC off, the next time that you go online, we will be able to import the historical data that the Current Cost unit stores. This will mean that you will have a complete set of data for your Envi. The Envi retains 31 days of energy use in kWh with data stored every two hours.

In fact, we are doing more than just importing the historic data. The Envi unit records the historic data for the combined channels 1, 2 and 3. What we are doing is splitting this historic data into consumption values for each channel based on the percentage split that before you shut down your PC. So if 40% of your power was being used by channel 1 ....then we allocate 40% of the historic data to channel 1 as well. We are also combining this data with the real time data collected from the Envi so that we will only use the historic values when there is no real time data. So when you look at pie charts choosing the percentage split of consumption by channel, the data will still be correct.

To set up this facility please go to the Set up Account - Enable History Import option, enter your username and password and the relevant calculations will be enabled for your account.

At the present we are only going to use the bi hourly history store data that the Envi retains. We do not have plans to access the Daily and Monthly history store.

For any more information please contact the sales team at [email protected]
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