How to set up your own multi rate electricity tariffs and billing information 

For users that want to set up more complex electricity tariffs and to apply them to your data we have set up a very powerful and flexible system to allow you to create a range of electricity tariffs. We hope to add the ability to model additional tariffs in the near future. This is set up from the Dashboard

Tariffs that you can use include:

  1. Standard one unit rate cost. Same unit rate applied to all days and times
  2. Economy 7 day and night tariff. Two different rates (High and Low - or Day and Night) applied at different times of the day
  3. Two rate with monthly consumption band. High or Day rate can be set to one rate up to a monthly consumption band of X kWh and then drops down to a lower rate. The High of Day rate is applied between certain times of the day. The Low of Night rate is applied at other times.
  4. Multi day and Multi rate. Different rates are applied at different times of the day with the ability to set up separate tariffs for a Saturday, Sunday and a Weekday.

To set up your own tariff open up the Meniscus dashboard and load up the System Information page. Click on the tariffs tab.

You can also delete tariffs that you have set up.

Any cost based information used on the dashboard will now use the electricity tariffs that you have applied.

 Real time electricity tariffs

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