Using real time data to check billing information

To help users compare their actual billed data with the data recorded using the Meniscus service we have added this functionality to let you enter actual meter readings and use this information to adjust the data recorded with the clip of meter data. This will then enable you to forecast your next electricity bill to avoid any surprises.

You add Billing information in the Dashboard

So how does this work?

Using the billing module in the Setup page in the Dashboard you can enter the actual meter readings taken from your physical electricity meter (this is the meter that your electricity supplier uses to bill you). We then compare this data with the data collected from your clip on meter and create a 'correction factor' to ensure that the two sets of figures are the same. We then use this 'correction factor' to adjust the clip on meter data so that, in theory, it will match the data from your billing meter. This allows us to create a much more realistic estimate of your current cost and consumption since your last bill so helping you to avoid painful surprises when the next bill arrives.

This billing module is designed to work in conjunction with the new ability to enter a range of multi rate tariffs.

Using this information we are looking to present a range of additional innovative solutions to help you manage your electricity bills and ensure that you are using the best electricity tariff - so watch this space.

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