New multi rate tariffs and billing module

Coming in September 2011

We have just released our new multi rate electricity tariff and billing module which we believe to be the most sophisticated real time electricity system available on the web.

Users can set up any number of multi rate electricity tariffs to help work out the true cost of the electricity you have used as measured using your clip on electricity meter.

For more information then click here.

We have currently modelled 4 type of tariff and are likely to add more in the future. These tariffs allow you to set the electricity rates for different times of the day and even different days of the week. We have included a standard Day/Night or High/Low rate tariff as well as the ability to change the High or Day rate depending upon a set monthly consumption.

In principle we can readily set up any electricity tariff and apply this to your real time data.

The new billing module allows you to enter the actual meter readings from the electricity meter you are billed from. We then use this data to compare and adjust the data collected from your clip on meter so that is matches the consumption data recorded by your billing meter.

This correction factor takes into account and corrects for a number of issues suck as; power factor correction, voltage differences, accuracy of the clip on meter compared to the billing meter etc.

For more information on the billing module then click here.
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