Monitoring Oil use in Real Time

As an example of our ability to monitor other utilities (gas, oil, water etc) in real time we are now successfully monitoring real time oil use for a domestic supply that feeds both a boiler and an AGA. Using a domestic oil flowmeter we receive accurate oil consumption figures every 15 minutes.

We have now incorporated the oil consumption into the Home Energy dashboard and have split the total use into the two separate consumptions - i.e. boiler use (hot water and central heating) and the AGA use. Opening up the Multi Hour graph you can view the historic consumption for both oil flows. The Pie chart also shows the total energy use combining the kWh equivalent for each oil stream as well as the electricity data.  

It is worrying to see how much more energy is being used for heating compared to electricity.

The graph of oil use shown below shows the cumulative oil use.
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