Redevelopment of Dashboard

Looking to redevelop part of our Real Time Energy dashboard to improve the information we display and make the whole process of monitoring data from Current Cost devices more automatic.

Constantly trying to work out better ways to display energy use and make it easier for users to save energy. Just displaying graphs is not good enough - we need to really focus in on what users need to do to actually save money - not just give users vague comments about how they could save money and energy. To do this we need to continually improve the real time analysis of the data (which we can do easily with our core calculation engine)......but.... this is the tricky part.....we need to be clear exactly what we need to analyse and then how to display this information.

Looking to automate by adding new monitoring for IAM (Individual Appliance Monitors) whenever we see that a new device is added - this is relatively easy and we are doing this with another service....just got to apply to the Current Cost work
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