Release of Mensicus RESTful API

We are pleased to announce the release of the Meniscus RESTful web service API that can be used with the Meniscus Home Energy Monitoring Solution. 

With this API you are able to create your own dashboard and web solutions using data directly from our server. You can also make changes to the calculations that are used to turn the raw data that you upload into calculated data displayed in the dashboard as well as adding and changing target, costs and downloading the data into your own applications. This API gives you control of your data so you can use it how you wish.
We have full documentation on the API here on the APIhub web site. We also have more information how the core calculation engine works on our main web site and some blog entries detailing the syntax used in the calculation engine and some of the basic principles behind the aggregation period and the Item Types that can be used with the raw data.

If you wish to make use of this API then we ask you to use our development server, as detailed in the APIhub web site to test out the functionality. This will require you to create a development account. Our main server processing the Home Energy data works flat out and we don't want additional development load if we can avoid it.

Once you have developed your solution on this server then you can change the Server URL to:- 

and this will access data from the Live server. You will have to use your normal username and password to login. If you use the development tool available form our web site then you will need to change the Group level 1 from Demo to Current Cost. So the URL to return the name of Group 2 will be: Cost 
Important. This API gives you full control over your data. It also means that you are able to break all the calculations! So be aware!

We will be setting up a Developer Forum for this API in the near future where you can post questions etc. We will make announcements on the APIhub website. 
If you do develop a dashboard or web site using this API then we really like you to tell us so that we can share this with other users. Let us know how things go!
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