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We have included some background information on some useful hardware if you want to monitor and manage your home electricity use.
We do not provide any of the Current Cost products directly but we do provide a re-purposed Current Cost Bridge that allows users to send data to our servers without having to connect the EnviR to a PC. 

Re-purposed Current Cost Bridge
We have created our own software for the Current Cost Bridge so it sends data directly to our servers.  

Each user is assigned their own 8 digit code and the software is pre-loaded into the Bridge.

The software sums all the 6 second readings and adds them into 1 value that we upload every 2 minutes. The software uploads data from all 10 sensors (main sensor 0 and 9 IAM sensors) as well as the Current Cost Optismart sensor. Also uploads the history data.


Current Cost
The Current Cost is a low cost clip on electricity meter that gives a Real Time display - web address if
In our Software page you will find some Open Source (free to use) software for sending this data to our (or others) ftp site.
We have also included some help on setting this code up and configuring it.
Current Cost meter

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