Customising your Home Energy Dashboard

There are a range of ways you can customise your Dashboard and most of these are available within the Dashboard on the Set Up page

  1. Add multi rate electricity tariffs so that you can monitor your actual half hour electricity costs. See the link on the left hand menu for more information.
  2. Rename the actual and calculated meters we create into something that makes more sense to you
  3. Set Daily Targets for your electricity use and then monitor your day to day performance against these Targets
  4. Set up a Benchmark for your property
  5. Set up High Alert limits for your Daily electricity use. You will be sent a daily e-mail for any values where the Daily use is greater than the High Alert.

The links on the left hand menu do the following:
  1. Enable import of History data from the EnviR. Only relevant for accounts created before 28th March 2013. This is now set up by default
  2. Enable Seasonal Average graph. Sets up the calculations required to display the Seasonal Average graph in the Dashboard
  3. Enable Monthly Report. Sets up the system to e-mail out an Excel Spreadsheet of your Electricity use for the last year. Contains a lot of data as well as graphs etc. Click here for an example report
  4. Multi Rate tariffs. These are now set up in the Dashboard but the link gives more information on this feature
  5. Billing. This is now set up in the Dashboard but the link gives more information on this feature

To open the Dashboard then click here and follow the instructions on the front screen.
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