Software for monitoring electricity use in real time over the web

These pages provide some free resource for connecting and downloading data from a CurrentCost clip on electricity meter to the web to let you view real time and historic electricity use over the web.
CurrentCost electricity meter
The CurrentCost meter displays a real time electricity use and some summary historic data on a display in your home
If you want to do more with this data and to view the data over the web then please click onto our CurrentCost software page where we have Open Source applications in Python (for running on Linux operating systems) and in Microsoft .NET for running on Windows systems that will upload the data in XML to an ftp site. The Windows version has a Standalone version (you manually start the application every time) or a Service version (starts automatically when your PC starts). Both have a User Interface to show you the data being uploaded.

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Current Cost meter



Dynamic Dashboards
Using MS Silverlighttm we have developed a Energy Management Dashboard that you can use to display a range of historic and real time trends. This Dashboard runs in a standard web browser. We will be continually adding to the number of garphs that you can display in the Dashboard,
MS Silverlighttm provides:
  • Outstanding graphics capability.
  • Features you would normally expect in an application - but delivered through a web browser.
  • Can be left on 24/7. New data is pushed to the Dashboard when it becomes available.
To see more then click on the Dashboard link.
To access and use the Dashboard you must register and set up an account.

Click the image to access the demo dashboard


Energy Management Dashboard



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