Meniscus applications for the Current Cost clip on meter

We have provided,under the GNU General Public License (GPL), the Open Source code to download data from a Current Cost device and upload to an ftp site.
The source files can be found at and all release notes, bug fixes and bug reporting will be handled through the Google Code site.
There are two applications available. A Python version for running on Linux based operating systems and a Windows .NET version for running the application on Windows platforms.

USB drivers
Please make sure you are using the correct USB driver and follow the details found on the current cost website -
There are two commonly available leads which have different coloured USB connector ends (the large plastic tablet parts that connect directly to your computer).
If it has a white end use the driver from
If black use this one

If you already have a driver installed, I would suggest you first uninstall it and reboot your PC.
Make sure the USB is NOT plugged into the PC and install which ever driver you think is the right one and again reboot your PC.
You should now be able to plug in your USB lead and it will configure the new hardware.
Windows .Net Application
You can find both a standalone and a service version of software to upload data to our FTP site for display on the dashboard - Go to Google Code to download.  This runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7.
Python application for Linux
This comprises 5 files of which 1 is a configuration file and the other 4 are Python files. The application is designed to run under the Linux operating syustems and we have tested and run this under Ubuntu. Data is uploaded to the ftp site in XML.
Some useful information
Example XML ouput
Configuration file layout
Example XML ouput
An example XML output from the this application is set out below:
 <?xml version="1.0" ?>
- <CurrentCostReadings date="30/03/2010">
-  <msg>
- <ch1>
- <ch2>
Configuration file layout - used in the Python
The configuration file includes a field for the IP address of the ftp site as well as a username and password. The user can also enter a unique name for the meter which will be appended to the front of the file uploaded to the ftp site. The batch field dictates how many readings will be 'batched' into each file. A new batch file will always be created at the start of a new day to ensure that batches do not span across two days.
The configuration file is as follows:
port: /dev/ttyUSB0
baud: 57600
bytesize: 8
parity: N
stopbits: 1
timeout: 3

user: CurrentCost
file: Enter the Unique Number we mail you in here
tmp: samples.dat
batch: 20
Drivers for Current Cost meter
To access the Current Cost meter from your PC you need the USB Serial PL2303 driver
You will also need a serial to USB calble that you can purchase from the Current Cost web site
The Current Cost web site and other web sites provide a link to BUT our experience is that this driver does not work well with Ubuntu and we use the driver from
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